AeroTech 2000

Product for aircraft engine manufacturers and engine maintenance.

Aircraft Cleaner

Suitable for external and internal cleaning of virtually all metal and/or painted surface.

Hydraulic Fluid Remover

Proprietary cleaner designed to easily remove all hydraulic fluids.

Economic Cleaner

General purpose cleaner with a broad range of applications.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Environmentally friendly specialty-cleaning.

Industrial Cleaner

Removes all kinds of oil, grease and dirt from surfaces without effort.

Oxygen Cleaner

Cleans all oxygen handling equipment.

eOx™ High-Performance Cleaning and Degreasing Products

eOx products are unique formulations that safely clean any substrate of oils, Skydrol®, hydraulic fluids, grease, carbon, brake dust, uncured resins or paints, as well as other difficult to remove contaminants. eOx leaves surfaces slightly anti-static and with repeated use, subsequent cleanings are easier!

Most eOx products are sold in a concentrated form to allow you the flexibility to dilute, with water, to the most efficient and economical solution for your unique cleaning process. For most products, the optimum ratio is 1 part eOx to 3 part water. eOx is the ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compounds) answer to your cleaning needs, allowing your business to comply with regulations and still clean and degrease effectively.

Available eOx Products

  • eOx Economic: our most popular general cleaner.
  • eOx Industrial: The same as eOx Economic but with an added organic corrosion inhibitor that when left on the surface protects metal surfaces for up to four weeks.
  • eOx Aircraft Cleaner (AC): Is a specialty product designed specifically for the aviation market. eOx AC conforms to Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CDS #1, and AMS 1526B.
  • eOx Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Remover (AHFR): Is a propriety blended cleaner designed to remove easily all hydraulic fluids including Skydrol® and Dinitrol AV30 anti-corrosion compound.
  • eOx AeroTech 2000: Is a “ready to use” version of the eOx AC suitable for all aircraft cleaning applications, and conforms to standards for aircraft engine cleaning. eOx AT2000 conforms to ARP 1755, ASTM F 519-97 TYPE 1A and ASTM F 945-98 on AMS 4911 alloy.
  • eOx Oxygen Cleaner: Is specifically designed for cleaning components that are exposed to an oxygen-enriched environment. It has been tested and approved for use as a “Oxygen Cleaner” by multiple companies, such as Praxair, Air Liquide, Air Products, and Linde gas.
  • eOx Heavy Duty Cleaner (HDC): Is a specialty cleaning product designed to remove asphalt, heavy carbon deposits, crude oil, resins and many other types of oils and greases.