Solvent-free and oil-free grinding fluid for professional and heavy duty applications.

SMF-07 Alu

Solvent-free and oil-free metalworking fluid for all applications.


Water Based Machining Fluid

DPI Oil-Free Metalworking Fluids

RPM Technology is proud to be the exclusive reseller of DPI Metalworking’s® grinding and cutting fluids. Their unique technology makes it possible to operate modern machine tools without the use of solvents, oils, emulsions or petroleum in the grinding or cutting fluid circuit. These products offer our customers a way to protect the health of their staff while making a significant contribution to environmental protection and benefiting financially by reducing production costs.

Environmental regulations continue to get tighter, so the time for changing the way you grind and machine parts is now. The time is now for a change in the way you grind and machine parts. DPI is safe for your employees; it works better and is safe for the environment. DPI Metalworking offers a line of all-purpose oil-free and solvent-free metalworking fluids for application in both open and enclosed machines.

DPI’s products are so safe that they even passed a dermal compatibility patch test! Would you keep your current product on your arm for an extended period? This is not an issue with DPI! Additionally, both new and used SMF07+ product has even passed a California fish test! No other product can make this claim! According to SGS Institut Fresenius, GmbH in Germany, the DPI product degrades 90% after just 28 days! DPI’s products offer the following features and benefits:


  • Zero VOC
  • Oil free
  • Solvent free
  • Biodegradable
  • Non flammable
  • Non toxic
  • 100% water-soluble
  • Non emulsifying
  • No risk of oxidation or bacteria growth
  • Ester-free
  • No odor
  • Limited foaming and mist creation
  • Refills with 3% max. concentrated product
  • No sticky residues on the machine or parts
  • Easily rinses with fresh water
  • Not classified as a “Dangerous Goods” for shipping
  • NFPA 0,0,0 (as used)
  • SNECMA approved – 10847


  • Lifelong guarantee*
  • Improved tool life, 20%+ possible*
  • Reduced down time
  • Reduced HAZMAT disposal costs
  • Significant improvement in cutting speeds & feeds
  • Improved operator conditions around the machine
  • Increased scrap value; due to being oil free
  • Increased machine speeds
  • Reduced EH&S employee claims
  • Reduced chemical inventory
  • Reduces filter paper consumption up to 60%*
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Lower energy costs

*Conditions apply

DPI Product Line

  • SGF 03(Special Grinding Fluid): For grinding of steel, cast, stainless steels, high alloyed steels, aluminum, titanium, glass, plastic and ceramics. Initial dilution is 3% with a 1.5% dilution for makeup.
  • SMF 02 (Special Machining Fluid): For the processing of hardened steel, stainless steels, iron, titanium, glass, and plastics. Initial dilution is 6% with a 3% dilution for makeup.
  • SMF 07 Plus: Identical product as SMF 02 with extra additives to obtain a higher and upgraded lubrication & and an antistatic ingredient so the chips leaving the conveyor belt are almost dry. Initial dilution is 6% with a 3% dilution for makeup. This is the most popular product.
  • SMF 07 Alu: Same product as SMF 07+ with upgraded lubrication to process aluminum, aluminum alloys and magnesium. Initial dilution is 6% with a 3% dilution for makeup. This is the preferred product for the aerospace industry. SMF 07 Alu meets Snecma specification DOC-455-201-0-00.