Frequently Asked Questions about PolyWipes

PolyWipes are used to remove uncured polysulfide (PRC, Flamemaster, AC Tech), silicone (GE, Dow, Rhodia, NuSil, Wacker), paints, greases, oils and other uncured sealants and adhesives.

PolyWipes proprietary detergent blend and wipe combination make the sealant release from the surface and attach to the wipe. We recommend placing a wipe in your hand between your thumb and index finger. Place the PolyWipe on the surface next to the sealant to be removed. Then, while pressing down rotate your wrist in a flicking action while lifting the sealant off the surface. You may have to fold the wipe and repeat depending on the amount of sealant to remove.

This is the real benefit of PolyWipes! Unlike other wipes on the market, PolyWipes are completely water based. This means that if the dry out, all you need to do is moisten them with water. Other wipes contain a blend of solvents and water so you do not know what to add to reconstitute them and you wind up throwing them away, thus costing you more money.

PolyWipes have passed Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CDS #1, AMS-1526C and AMS-1550B. PolyWipes are also approved by Bell Helicopter.

Yes but primarily for cleaning hands. We recommend eOx for parts cleaning.

No. PolyWipes are not hazardous to ship. PolyWipes contains no EPA listed ingredients. Additionally, it does not have to be stored in a Flammable cabinet like other solvents.

No. PolyWipes are an aqueous blend of detergents.

No, PolyWipes are not reactive chemistry like our other products.

PolyWipes may be disposed of with your other trash.

PolyWipes have a fresh sent. As the ingredients are not listed, no special breathing apparatus is required.

No, see above.

To this date, we have not seen any effect on the usual chromate primer used on commercial aircraft.