Water-based silicone oil and/or grease removal

Digesil NC

Silicone Remover

Digesil NC-X

Extra strength silicone remover

Digesil Gel

Gelled silicone remover

Digesil FS

Specifically designed for fluorosilicone removal

Digesil® Silicone De-polymerizers / Stripping Agents

Digesil stripping agents are unique formulations that remove cured silicone RTV sealants from metal, ceramic, and plastic substrates. Digesil works at room temperature and does not contain flammable, chlorinated or odorous solvents.

Silicone RTV is difficult to remove completely since it actually bonds into surface/substrate. Digesil reacts chemically with the silicone and breaks it down (depolymerizes) so it can be rinsed away without damage to the surface/substrate. This depolymerization prevents re-deposition of the reaction by-products and allows for easy rinsing.

Digesil completely removes 100% of the sealant which offers significant advantages over other removal methods that require scraping and typically results in damage to the substrate. There are also products that try to “dissolve” the sealants but due to their inertness however this does not work. The primary products are:

  • Digesil Gel: Gelled Silicone Stripper
  • Digesil NC: Silicone Stripper
  • Digesil NC-X: Extra Strength Silicone Stripper. Best for Dow Corning silicones.

The Digesil line also features two unique products:

  • Digesil FS: For the removal of fluorosilicone sealants. These advanced silicones are especially resistant to virtually all chemicals.
  • Di-Aqua: This water based detergent is designed specifically for the removal of silicone oils and greases from virtually any surface.

NuSil Technology, LLC recommends Digesil products for the removal of their cured silicone products.