Frequently Asked Questions about DPI

DPI’s machining and grinding products are all solvent free, oil free, emulsifier free and non- flammable products used for machining all types of metals, glass, and plastics. As such, the products are not labeled as dangerous goods and have no limiting shipping or storage requirements. The products are harmless to both humans and to the environment.

DPI’s products even passed a dermal compatibility patch test! Would you keep your current product on your arm for an extended period? Additionally both new and used SMF07+ product has even passed a California stringent fish test! No other product can make this claim! DPI’s products are also biodegradable. According to SGS Institut Fresenius, GmbH in Germany, the DPI product degrades 90% after just 28 days!

We offer several types of DPI machining fluids for various tasks.

  • SGF 03(Special Grinding Fluid): For grinding of steel, cast, stainless steels, high
  • SMF 02 (Special Machining Fluid): For the processing of hardened steel, stainless
  • SMF 07 Plus: Identical product as SMF 02 with extra additives to obtain a higher
  • SMF 07 Alu: Same product as SMF 07+ with upgraded lubrication to process

No. DPI is water based and not hazardous to ship. DPI contains no EPA Listed ingredients. The NFPA rating for DPI is 0,0,0 as used. This compares very favorable to other machining fluids that are 1,0,0 or 2,0,0 or even 2,2,0.

As DPI is water based, pH is critical to monitor. When you first start using DPI, the pH of the solution is around 11. As the product is used, the additional product is added to maintain concentration and pH. As long as the pH stays above 10, there are no corrosion issues. Please refer to the Operating Guidelines you received with your initial consultation and/or order.

This is the greatest advantage of DPI over other machining & grinding products on the market. If the bath is properly maintained, you will never have to dispose of the fluid! We only recommend an annual draining into another vessel to clean out the bottom of the tank to remove any fines that were not filtered. Then, filter the DPI back into the tank for another year! No more disposal costs!!

Yes, DPI must be filtered to maintain performance. A 10-micron filter is usually sufficient.

No. DPI does not have any odor. This is another benefit of the product.