Polyscraper KitPolyScrapers High-Performance Manual Sealant Removal Tools – Made In The USA

PolyScrapers are cutting edge designed tools designed specifically for sealant removal from aircraft. When time is of the essence, PolyScrapers make short work of sealant removal.

PolyScrapers offer a variety of tips to suit the specific task at hand. Why waste time to sharpen a “window” when you can use an advanced highly engineered tool specifically designed to remove sealant?

PolyScrapers are offered individually or in a convenient canvas pouch that keeps them organized & ready to use.

Features & Benefits:

  • Flared handle for increased palm comfort and better leverage
  • Side finger depressions for added stability
  • Multiple tips for optimum performance in each situation
  • Convenient canvas carrying pouch for easy access and storage

The PolyScraper Kit (PSK2) comes with multiple tips for various sealant removal situations. There is a forked blade, a unique push/pull design, a wide blade, a .25” narrow blade, and a straight blade.

PolyGone are currently being used by numerous aviation MRO organizations and electronics companies around the world.

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