Digesil NC-X

Digesil® NC-X Silicone Depolymerizer / Stripping Agent – Made In The USA

Description: Digesil NC-X is one of our most popular silicone de-polymerizers formulated to remove silicone-based sealants and adhesives, overspray of silicone water repellents, coatings, and release agents. NC-X works best with Dow Corning silicones.

Benefits of Digesil NC-X

  • Quickly dissolves cured silicone. Leaves a silicone free surface
  • Chlorinated and fluorinated solvent free
  • Negligible aromatic solvent content
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Low odor for operator comfort
  • High flash point for safety
  • Low density for ease of handling
  • Rinses with water or solvent
  • Safe on glass, metal, and most plastic (except nylon)
  • Safe on paint and powder coating
  • Water free


Important: In all cases water must not come in contact with Digesil as this will stop it from working.  Do not dilute or alter the product in any way.

  • Remove heavy accumulations of adhesive or sealants using scrapers or other method.
  • Fill suitable container with Digesil, leaving room for the part.
  • Let soak for 15 – 30 minutes or until residue softens, “lifts” or shows signs of dissolving.  The part can be left to soak as long as it takes to remove all the silicone. This varies based on the type, brand and age of the silicone.
  • Removal: Although water may be used to rinse the product, rinsing with a mild cleaner such as eOx®, also available from RPM Technology, followed by pure water will improve removal of all residues. If you do not want to expose the part to water, then use either methanol or ethanol to clean the part. We do not recommend IPA, as customers have informed us that it does leave a residue.

AVAILABILITY: Digesil NC & NC-X are available in 1-gallon, 4 x 1-gallon cases, and 55-gallon drums.