Water Based Grinding Fluid

Description: SGF 03 is a solvent-free and oil-free grinding fluid for professional and heavy duty applications. This all-around grinding fluid can process almost all types of metal and materials, and is specifically developed for the processing of high-alloyed, heat-resistant stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloys, chrome-nickel alloys, Inconel®, Hastelloy®, non-ferrous heavy metals, and numerous other materials and types of metals. SGF 03 even excels at materials and metals that put the highest demands on machining processes. (SGF 03 is not intended for magnesium, aluminum, and cobalt containing metals, contact RPM for assistance). Like all of our machining and grinding products, SGF 03 was designed based on many years of experience gathered in the area of chemicals, cooling lubricants and pharmaceutics/skin-protection products resulting in superior characteristics and advantages in comparison with conventional lubricants that are based on oils or emulsions.

Advantages: SGF 03 contains solvent-free and oil-free (zero VOC) ingredients that are also applied in the food and cosmetic industry. No other product can make that claim! SGF 03 is not harmful to skin; it is dermatologically tested and proven not harmful to human health. It has even passed a skin patch test with no negative effects! Would you keep your existing coolant on your arm for days?

DPI’s proprietary additives ensure that grinding machines and their components are protected against corrosion. SGF 03 has a low draw-off rate due to the ideal drain-off characteristics of water versus emulsions. All processing machines, as well as technical installations and workplace environments are kept in an absolutely clean condition both during and after the application of SGF 03. What’s more is that the contamination problems that occur when using oil, synthetic, and emulsive lubricants do not occur with SGF 03. In addition, DPI products use NO emulsifying agents, so in the event of system oil leakages, the oil can be easily removed.

SGF 03 is biodegradable and is not only environmentally friendly, but its application actually provides a considerable contribution toward environmental protection. Also, with SGF 03, maintenance is not an issue. In fact, if our prescribed use and application guidelines are followed, we guarantee life-long durability and performance of SGF 03, as the solution is resistant to bacterial contamination or spoilage. A simple filtering once per year is sufficient.

SGF 03 has excellent cooling properties that allow for raising grinding parameters and considerably decreases the redressing frequency. One customer experienced a 130% increase in production efficiency! The work piece surfaces do not become sticky or stained, and the machines and devices stay clean.

Thanks to its superior performance characteristics, process reliability, inherent safety to humans and the environment, and the absence of extensive machine-cleaning procedures, SGF 03 provides a considerable long-term operational savings.

Application: For maximum performance, SGF 03 can be applied as an all-purpose product for the machining of all types of metal and materials, except aluminum and cobalt containing alloys. Doing so frees users from the inconvenience of stocking and using various types of cooling agents for each respectively different area of application.

Availability: Available in 1-gallon, 210 L drums and 1,000 L totes.